Jessica Bushey, PhD
Archivist at MONOVA: Museum & Archives of North Vancouver
Chair of Reference and Access Working Group, InterPARES Trust Artificial Intelligence Project [2021-2026]
jbusheycontact [at] gmail [dot] com


An Archivist with expertise in managing and preserving physical and born digital collections with significant legal, cultural and historical value. I bring a creative and collaborative approach to every situation. I have worked with international organizations, academic institutions, government agencies, not-for-profit and family estates.

An Educator at the University of Victoria and the University of British Columbia (Canada). I teach courses on managing and preserving archives and collections in various institutional and organizational settings; on developing community engagement and outreach programs; and using emerging technologies for accessing cultural heritage collections.

An Artist exploring themes of permanence, translation and memory. Working in photography, digital video and more recently in 2D sculpture – I create artifacts that reflect on the relationship between people and computer programs, especially software mediation of personal communications. I am represented in Vancouver by Monica Reyes Gallery